"We are lifelong learners, here for teaching and learning."
Our School Pledge

What I will do in my school...

As a scholar of

Indian Trail Elementary MicroSociety Magnet School,

I promise to be kind, to show respect, and

to call others by their correct names.

I will talk through my conflicts without screaming or hitting.

To make friends, I will use correct words and actions.

I will be calm in school, on the bus, and at the bus stop.

I am proud of my school and

I pledge to make the school proud of me.

Cardinal C.A.R.E.S.

Cardinals Cooperate
Cardinals always Assertively Try,

Cardinals are Respectful,

Show Empathy and
elf-Respect at all times!



Written by: Mrs. Brenda Moorman School Counselor (1995-2007)
Updated by: Erica Woolridge School Counselor (2008-Present)

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