Students in the MicroSociety Magnet Program at Indian Trail Elementary experience real-world, hands-on learning.
They participate in the program each week for 35 minutes each day.

Dana Cunningham
MicroSociety Magnet Coordinator

The MicroSociety Model Today

In a world that demands preparation to add value and manage increasing complexity, MicroSociety students have years of experience solving real-world problems, thinking critically, collaborating in diverse teams, and connecting subject matter and experiences in ways that foster creativity. From the time they enter the building each day, they are citizens aiming to achieve sustainable change in their world and ours. Graduates are more than college and career ready, they are innovative ready, equipped to take on global challenges. What’s more, they are intrinsically motivated to gain new knowledge and skills and to create new jobs when existing careers disappear.

MicroSociety Officers


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